October 2021
SustainCERT, a major player in decarbonisation completed $10 million fundraising with the impact fund Citizen Capital and the venture capital firm Innovacom, joined by the Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund.

With growing international momentum towards reaching Net-Zero targets, emission reduction commitments are proliferating across governments and corporates, creating a pressing need to mitigate greenwashing through innovative and robust impact verification solutions.

Driven by the mission to accelerate progress towards the Paris Agreement, SustainCERT launched the first digital platform for the verification of carbon reduction activities, it also acts as a certification body for carbon credits and official impact statements for the Gold Standard for the Global Goals. This digital platform, unique on the market, has supported more than 1,200 projects covering the energy, land use and waste sectors, simplifying the certification process for carbon offset projects.

This capital raise gives SustainCERT the resources to make major technological investments in its digital platform. Further investments are also planned in research and innovation, to strengthen its position as a leader in creating solutions to measure the carbon footprint of companies.

This transaction reinforces investors’ continued excitement for the Climate technologies and Decarbonation and is a new testimony of AltRaise’s ability to raise capital from a diverse pools of capital, including Climate Investors, Venture Capital funds and a leading technology firm.

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