March 2019
OPES Solutions, has completed a financing round with the impact investment companies Kawisafi Ventures in Kenya and Quadia in Switzerland.

With operations in China, Germany, and Hong Kong, OPES Solutions is a global supplier for the fast-growing off-grid energy access and smart city sectors. The company has already supplied over 4 million customized off-grid solar modules for the energy access market, particularly pay-as-you-go solar home systems.

OPES Solutions has achieved technological advancements through innovative production processes, enabling fast product development, high volume, and consistent quality. Their patented integrated Flying Fibre Laser technology increases the throughput of cutting solar cells by eight-fold compared to comparable machines.

The capital raised in the financing round will be used to expand production and research and development (R&D) activities. OPES Solutions aims to support off-grid electrification in developing countries and develop innovative applications for smart cities. The company’s R&D efforts include new solar module designs, direct integration of solar modules into innovative applications, and the development of mass-manufacturing processes and equipment for small modules.

The investment from Kawisafi Ventures and Quadia aligns with OPES Solutions’ mission to address the global challenges of expanding clean energy access and promoting environmentally sustainable solutions in rapidly growing cities. The investment recognizes the company’s position as the market leader for off-grid solar modules.

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