Energicity, a developer and operator of offgrid minigrids, closed a $3.25M seed investment led by Ecosystem Integrity Fund. This round of funding follows an earlier investment by Treehouse investments, which closed in 2016.

Founded in 2015, Energicity is a developer and operator of offgrid mini grids serving rural communities with subsidiaries in Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria, currently serving thirty-six communities and 23000 people. Energicity provides affordable, reliable electricity that is scalable to every household and commercial need. Through its utility service, the company has sold over half a gigawatt hour of solar powered electricity to rural offgrid customers, increasing rural entrepreneurs’ incomes by an average of 6 times and serving 25 health care facilities with reliable electricity.

Energicity will use the new funding to expand the clean energy access across West Africa to serve over 1 million consumers with affordable, reliable, sustainable electricity over the next 5 years.

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